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Currently Amateur Dough offers 50% partnership for the life of the member.
For those affiliates who send us at least 50 signups per pay-period, we'll up the payout to 65%; in this case, please click here to contact us and have your payout adjusted.
program highlights
  • Your checks will be sent out to you on a weekly basis, providing you have accrued a minimum of $25.00 US.
  • Stats and Checks are being handled by a third party (, with casacade to Segpay as alternate biller, so you can rest assured that there is no shaving. You get what you earn.
  • If you refer another webmaster to our program, you will get paid 5% of all sales made by that webmaster, for life!
  • Yes, we currently have only 15 websites, but they're far from being the boring typical single girl sites; our sites are different, and that's why they convert so well. Plus our girls INTERACT with their members, and you know that increases RETENTION ten fold! In a nutshell, our girls will put more money in your pocket than any other girls out there!
  • The webmasters already promoting our sites are making a lot more money than they did promoting any other single girls. Want a taste of it? Signup now and start promoting our hot converting sites, make real cash and don't get shaved! Plus, offer your surfers something they'll be grateful for, instead of leaving them emptyhanded: lots of content, tons of interaction and never a double charge. They get what they're paying for!
Via Email: amateurdough[AT]
Via ICQ: 174-228-679
We're always looking for new models to be part of our network. Know of a hot lady or shemale that's interested in having her own site? Have her contact us, and you can earn a cash reward!